100% New Zealand Wool Hats & Gloves

Style and comfort to keep you cosy

What is Slow Fashion?

We embrace the ethos of slow fashion, a movement that celebrates conscious choices and a commitment to a more sustainable wardrobe. Our curated collection of handmade hats an gloves prioritizes quality craftsmanship, timeless designs, and ethical production...

Our Best Selling Bobble Hats


Fully Fleeced Lined

Super comfy, ultra-stylish and lined with fleece to keep you snuggly all day long. No scratchy feeling.

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Worldwide Shipping

We will ship your wooly companions to you globally to ensure your cosy and warm.

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Best Quality

100% New Zealand Wool Fully Fleeced Lined. Wear the best Wool in comfort year after year.

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Ready to invest in a good quality long lasting fashion accessory. Grab 10% OFF your first order when you sign up to our newsletter

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Women Empowerment

Every product you purchase from VitoWear is made in Nepal by women supported as part of the united nations women empowerment

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